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Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 at St Thomas’s Centre, we support those learners who are struggling to access their education in a mainstream environment, for a variety of reasons. Years 7, 8 and 9 have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, allowing pupils to develop skills and knowledge across a wide range of subjects. All our schemes of learning support social, emotional or mental health difficulties as well as the core academic subjects. On most occasions our plan is for students to be here for a short period of time with a return to mainstream the ultimate goal, following intervention to meet the needs of the student.

Key Stage 4

ln Key Stage 4 at St Thomas’s Centre, we provide an alternative education to pupils from Year 10 and 11 for whom mainstream education is difficult. We cater for students with social, emotional or mental health difficulties. In addition to a core curriculum of English, Maths, Science and ICT, pupils specialise in subjects (both academic and vocational) which will provide them with a springboard to further education, employment and training. Pupils can have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and our on-site careers teacher ensures all pupils are given the best options for further education, training or employment after they leave us.

Options for 2023-24

For 2023-24 we have written an ambitious curriculum for our KS4 students that offers them a broader range of option choices. Students will be able to select 3 options from the following blocks:


Option A

Option B

Block 1


Travel & Tourism

Block 2



Block 4


Princes Trust

All students will do PE in block 3.

There is also an opportunity for some students to attend Preston Vocational Centre on a Wednesday to do Construction.

Please see the options booklet for further information.