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Curriculum Intent

The study of Humanities aims to instil a sense of British values and will impart knowledge of a shared heritage across the three subject areas, understanding the human race and the environment around us. Humanities allows for students to create a lens of the past, present and future, empowering learners to become curious, developing a deeper understanding through questioning.

Key Stage 3 overview

At KS3, Humanities will cover three subject areas; Religious Education, History and Geography. The aim of our key stage 3 curriculum is for pupils to develop their understanding, questioning and analysing skills.

The humanities curriculum establishes key concepts linking to prior knowledge built during KS2 learning. Students will access the significance of key events, religions and the environment.  

The History curriculum will cover key events from the past, including the British Empire, Monarchs and links to the wider world with a focus on the key historical concepts of change and continuity, cause and effect, and cause and consequence.

The RE curriculum will cover a variety of religions with a focus on Christianity and Islam. It aims to nurture students understanding of humanity and the various views each individual holds, creating respectful and curious citizens.

The geography curriculum will cover an investigation of the environment, knowledge of places and people and how human and physical environments are related, along with geographical enquiries.